To configure DHL Express as a carrier in A5 Ship, first you must have a DHL Express account. Then, follow the steps described below:

  1. Register for XML Services access:
  2. You should be provided with a test account in an email within 24 hours after approval. You will get an email like this:

We are pleased to inform you that your request to access DHL XML Services has been approved.
Use the links and credentials below to get started.
XML Services Toolkit URL:
XML Services Test Harness:
XML Services Test server for customer certification:

Test Site ID: xxxxxxxxxx
Test Password: xxxxxxxxx
Account Number: xxxxxxxxx
Email ID:
Name: John Johnson
Country: United States Of America

The Site ID will be available to use when the status changes from InActive to Active in the XML Services Portal

  1. If you lose this email you can login to the XML portal and go to XML Service Status link on left to view.
  2. Configure your credentials into the Ship Configuration tab.
  3. Get Certification by DHL
    • Contact DHL to request certification by providing Label Image, Request, and Response XML messages as recommended in the documentation. These are
      validated by the DHL Express team followed by production-ready certification
  4. Go Live
    • After passing certification, you will receive access to the production environment and then can start using DHL Web Services.
  5. Update Ship Configuration with your production credentials and uncheck Test Mode.