1. Get a fedex.com account.
  2. Go to web services, develop and test and get development key:
    1. https://www.fedex.com/us/developer/web-services/process.html?tab=tab2#tab2
  3. Enter credentials into A5 Ship Config tab for fedex and select test mode.
  4. Test.
  5. When ready to go live, go back to fedex.com web services and like on Go to Production tab.
  6. Standard Services:
    1. Get Rates
    2. Track shipments
  7. Advance Services:
    1. Create Shipment
  8. Click on get Production Key.
  9. Fill out forms.
    1. Select you are not reselling this app, and you are corp employee.
  10. They will display Authentication Key.  Enter this in Account Key in A5 Ship Config page.
  11. They will email you password.  Enter that in Account Password in A5 Ship Config page.
  12. On A5 Ship Config page update the Fedex Account number to production one, and the Meter Number provided.  Then uncheck Test Mode.
  13. To enable creating shipments/labels you need to get your production key certified/enabled for Advanced FedEx Web Services with Shipping Labels.
  14. Contact the Web Integrated Solutions Team for your region with your application information, which features/services you’re implementing and your production key and production meter number. Request that your application be enabled using advanced FedEx Web Services with Shipping Labels.
    1. The only web service you need activated is “Ship Services” aka “Create Shipments”.
    2. Regional contacts are in the pdf link provided in the email
    3. For USA: Technical Support hotline phone: 1.877.339.2774 (When prompted, please say “API”) PreProduction Assistance: FedEx Web Integrated Solutions Consultation Team
      1. Option 3: Web Services
      2. Then choose Fedex API
      3. Ask to activate Ship Services aka Create Shipment web service for your production account.
      4. They will say we need to get the label certification process started.  You say yes please.
      5. They will ask for your production fedex account number.  Then lookup your account.
      6. Short list of questions:
        1. Company name – your company
        2. Company address.
        3. Meter number
        4. Point of contact
        5. Phone number of contact
        6. Email
        7. Are you using a Prebuilt application or built your own?  Say you are using a prebuilt application called “A5 Ship”.
        8. Will you be requesting address validation or address checker – No
        9. Will you be requesting Courier dispatch – No
        10. Will you be shipping express, ground or both.  Say both.
      7. They will say they will send an email with instructions.
      8. They will provide a case number.
  15. The support team of your region sends an email with detailed instructions for certifying shipping labels generated by this application.
    1. Email will come from websupport@corp.ds.fedex.com for example with a subject “FedEx Web Services Label Evaluation Process”.
  16. Generate and Submit Test Labels Generate test labels within the FedEx test environment associated with the application then submit the test labels to the FedEx label evaluation team(s) for approval. Note: The FedEx label evaluation teams require a three business day turn-around time for label evaluation.
    1. Turn FedEx in A5 Ship Config back to test mode in Salesforce. You will need to reload the test credentials and check the test mode box.
    2. Create a new shipment, then view the shipping label and save the image by printing to PDF to save it as a PDF.  They only accept a pdf version of the label.
    3. We suggest to save a test label during the test mode setup before you go to Production.
  17. Reply back to the instructional email received with the shipping labels generated.
    1. You will need to fill out the coversheet they provided.  And then send the coversheet with the label images as instructed to label@fedex.com.
  18. The FedEx label evaluation teams evaluate the submitted test labels and approve or reject the labels. The support team in your region contacts you regarding the approval or rejection of the submitted labels. If the labels are approved, continue to the next step. If the labels are rejected, correct the labels as instructed and resubmit them for approval.
  19. Regional WIS Team Enables the Application Once the test labels are approved for production status by the label evaluation teams, the support team for your region authorizes your production credentials to transmit the identified shipping label transaction and notifies you via email of successful certification. Note: Your approval is on a per key basis, meaning if you generate additional FedEx Web Services production keys, you’ll need to inform your regional support team in order to resolve any authentication errors.
  20. Once approved change fedex credentials in A5 ship config tab back to not test mode.