A5 Ship app supports using USPS and Endicia (USPS) as carriers. Using only USPS allows only getting rates and tracking shipments, while using Endicia also allows creating labels. To start shipping using Endicia (USPS), you need to create and configure your Endicia account and A5 Ship app.

Follow the next steps to configure account and app:

  • Visit Endicia’s website and register for a customer account,
  • Open A5 Ship app, go to Ship Configuration page, and click Endicia (USPS),
  • If not already, check the Active box and enter your Endicia username and password in their respective fields on the page,
  • Endicia supports different combinations of label sizes, label types, image rotation, and package shapes. You can set the default values to use in New Shipment page, but you can change it for each new shipment,
  • If you want to use the app for testing/development, check the Test Mode box, otherwise leave unchecked. NOTE: To use test mode, you must use Endicia developer account. Visit this page to sign up for it. Once you fill out the form, you should get an email with all the needed instructions and steps to get the developer account,
  • Click Save.

Now your app has all the required data so it can connect to Endicia’s servers. When this is configured, you can do the rest of the process and configuration:

  • To get a current account status and postage balance, click Refresh next to Postage and Account Status section title. If you configured the account and the app correctly, balance and status should display after you click the Refresh button,
  • When you need to purchase more credit for shipping, just enter the desired amount in the Buy More Postage – Enter Amount: box and click Buy Now button. If successful, the Current Postage Balance should be automatically updated with the new balance,
  • If you must/want to change your passphrase, enter the desired new passphrase in the Enter New Passphrase: box and click Change and Save button.

Creating Shipment Labels with Endicia: Note that Endicia will charge your account each time you create a shipping label using the A5 Ship app. You can however cancel the shipment and get the money back from Endicia. To cancel the shipment, click Cancel Shipment button on Shipment page layout. If there is not button on the layout, you will need to edit the layout and add the button.