1. To create a new shipment just go to A5 Ship App or go to More Tabs or and click on New Shipment tab.
    1. You may also setup a custom button from another object like Opportunity or anywhere to go to this page and pass values prepopulated.
  2. You may select a Fullfilment Location if you have configured one to prepopulate the From part of the From & To Location Details section.
  3. Otherwise enter information in From & To Location Details section.
  4. Enter shipment’s Total Weight in Package Details section, and optionally Reference that will be printed on the shipping label.
  5. Click the Get Rates button.
  6. The system will then check for all rate options for the shipping providers you have setup as active in Ship Configuration.

Available rates will be displayed in the table-like view which consists of the following columns:

  • Create Label – a button which will create a Shipment record, a shipping label, and attach the label to the record, all based on the selected rate,
  • Carrier – shipping carrier which provides the available rate/service,
  • Service – one of shipping carrier’s services provided used to ship the package,
  • ETA – estimated date of delivery provided by the shipping carrier for the selected service—may not be provided for some services,
  • Rate (USD) – price of shipping for the selected rate.

Return Label: You can go through same process of creating a shipment label as you can for return label. You have the option to automate the creation of the both shipment and return label if you would like.