1. When you install the app from AppExchange you will be prompted to authorize api access to the following domains:
    • ws.fedex.com
    • wsbeta.fedex.com
    • production.shippingapis.com
    • secure.shippingapis.com
    • stg-secure.shippingapis.com
    • onlinetools.ups.com
    • wwwcie.ups.com
    • xmlpi-ea.dhl.com
    • xmlpitest-ea.dhl.com
    • accounts.google.com
    • www.googleapis.com
  2. This is to communicate with Fedex, USPS, UPS and DHL Express for shipment label creation, rate checking, and status checking. Google is for Google Drive, in case you want to save your shipping label images to your Google Drive.
  3. You will still need to configure your own account information for all these and authorize each connection.