If you need to ship a package that requires signature upon delivery, you can specify it by using A5 Ship app. It currently supports FedEx and UPS. To use it, select one of the available options on New Shipment page.

Options available for FedEx are:

  • Signature Required – if selected, shipment is created using the DIRECT¬†option in the FedEx API request,
  • Adult Signature Required – uses ADULT option,
  • Indirect Signature Required¬†– uses INDIRECT option. (FedEx) part is added if UPS options are also available,
  • None – uses NO_SIGNATURE_REQUIRED option. This option is the default one. If one of the UPS specific options is selected, this option will be applied.

Options available for UPS are:

  • Signature Required,
  • Adult Signature Required,
  • Delivery Confirmation(UPS) is added if FedEx options are also available. Default option. If None option, or FedEx specific options are selected, this will be selected,
  • None.