If you installed the A5 Ship app trial and are ready to activate your licenses follow these steps:

  1. Login to AppExchange and click your name/photo icon in the top right, then “My Installs & Subscriptions.”
  2. It will show all the apps you have installed. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button under the A5 Ship app (if adding or removing users after you already activated subscription, you will need to click “modify subscription” instead of the “Buy Now”).
  3. Follow the steps to purchase the number of licenses you wish to purchase:
    1. Decide if you would like a monthly app subscription or yearly subscription (discounted by 10%).
    2. Payments are automated through credit card or ACH and set to auto renew each month or year, depending on your subscription type and activation date.
  4. No need to assign licenses to users as A5 Ship provides access to all users.