1. Login to AppExchange.

2. Navigate to “My Installs & Subscriptions”.

3. Click “Manage Subscription” next to A5 Documents if you want to cancel.

4. Click “End Subscription”.

5. Click “Done”.

BILLING PERIOD: You will have the option to cancel immediately or at the end of the billing period.

UN-CANCEL: If you want to un-cancel app subscription before the billing period ends, you can un-cancel through subscription detail in AppExchange following these steps: From Profile picture, click on “My Installs & Subscriptions”, in the listing row you want to renew the subscription, click on the arrow down button and choose “Manage Subscription”. Then hit on “Renew Subscription”.”

RE-ACTIVATE: If there is chance you will reactivate app subscription in the future, you should not uninstall the app from your Salesforce org and then you can reactivate when ready following these activation instructions. Once you reactivate, all previous configurations will still be there.