The A5 Ship app will generate each new shipment and its label instantly. If you would like the app to automatically create shipping labels for Shipment records, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to A5 Ship app, or go to more tabs and go to Ship Configuration tab.
  2. Go to the Shipment Processing tab and click  Enable Processing.
  3. Create a Shipment record manually or using automation.
  4. Set all of the required fields on the record. Those fields are:
    • Shipping Status – set a value Get Label.
    • Shipping Method – carrier that will ship the package.
    • Class Of Mail – name of the service that will be used to ship the package (e.g. DHL Express’ MEDICAL EXPRESS, Endicia’s First-Class Mail, …).
    • Service Code – code of the service that will be used to ship the package (e.g. Q, First, …). These depend on the carrier and service used. You should know which service you will be using and the name and code of that service. If you’re not sure, try checking the carrier’s documentation. Or you can also create one test shipment from the New Shipment page and see what name and code will be populated on the shipment record. You can use this test record to see all the fields that are set, so you’ll know which ones you need to set.
    • All the required fields you would enter on the New Shipment page, including the sender and recipient information, Weight, and Weight Unit.
    • If you are using any special services, like FedEx’s Saturday Delivery, Endicia’s Certified Mail, or any other, make sure to set these fields also.
    • Note that you don’t need to enter Shipment Cost, Tracking Number, Ship Date and Delivered Date. These fields will get populated once the label is created and tracking status is updated.
  5. This processing will run in real time.