Use Case:
If we create Shipment records with tracking numbers already populated, will these Shipment records update as the package is shipped and delivered?

Yes, you can track existing shipments in Salesforce using the app and the status will automatically update from “Shipped” to “Delivered” once the package is delivered. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure “Shipment Tracking” is enabled under shipment configuration.
  2. Go to existing shipment record or create a new shipment record.
  3. Select Shipping Method to set the shipping carrier.
  4. In Tracking Number field, enter carrier tracking number.
  5. Set Status field as “Ready to Ship” for all carriers you want to track. After you set it, the tracking job will check statuses every hour and if the shipment changes status to “Shipped” or “Delivered”, the SF Shipment record will change the status to “Shipped” or “Delivered”.

All other fields are optional.